Microwave Therapy Heat & Cold Wraps


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Order Includes,
1 Extra Large Heat Wrap with Flax Seed.
1 Wrap Cover, you can wash for a fresh new smell.
1 Gift Box.

Heating Instructions.

Enjoy either a reviving moist warmth or an invigorating chill with our all natural (Flax Seed) Unscented multi-purpose spa wrap. Heat in the microwave for 3 minutes. Chill by inserting into a plastic bag and then placing in the freezer. The Spa Wrap measures 12″ wide & 20″ long and weighing approximately 3.9 pounds, the ultra-soft cover has a pillow case type design that allows for easy removal and laundering. If your looking for a hotter wrap you can always take off the cover. Place in microwave for 3 minutes. DO NOT PUT COVER IN THE MICROWAVE.
This X Large 5 Chamber Lumbar Therapy Wrap is a great for the lumbar spine and lower Back. Offering duel purpose as it is flat enough to be used to lay on the stomach, or any other body part. This Cotton Pack is intended for temporary relief and relaxation. The pack is versatile and can be folded to fit any part of the body. Use it hot to relieve muscle discomfort and cramps; or use it cold to reduce swelling and fever. The Spa Wrap will wrap you in comfort and give you a warm relaxing experience. ENJOY I Do.

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XL Heat and Cold Wrap

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