All in one 3D Flower’s & Heart’s All In One Glass Nail Files


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All in one 3D Flower’s & Heart’s 
•Rubber Coated Protection for better grip and handling.
•The file has a dual sided filing surface and the glass has been tempered for durability.
•Permanently etched filing surface has a unique, soft structure that seals the keratin layers at the edge of the nail.
•Processing of the glass surface, chemical etching for obtaining the fine-grained abrasive surface;
•Easy to clean and can be sterilized using UV lighting or warm soapy water.
•Frequent use reduces nail chipping and peeling.
•Every file can be used on artificial and natural nails.
•Note: Colors may vary due to color adjustments on your computer.

Available size 5″ length
The thickness of this file is 2 mm.




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Weight8 oz
All in one Flower & Heart's

Assorted Colors, Mint, Hot Pink, Lavender, Lime Green, Orange, Turquoise, Sky Blue, Purple, Black, Red


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