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  • These Photo’s don’t do these files justice. They are Clear and very hard to photograft. They look very nice in person. We guarantee them.
  • The file has a dual sided filing surface and the glass has been tempered for durability.
  • All files come from the Czech Republic where they have the finest glass in the world.
  • Permanently etched filing surface has a unique, soft structure that seals the keratin layers at the edge of the nail.
  • Processing of the glass surface, chemical etching for obtaining the fine-grained abrasive surface;
  • Easy to clean and can be sterilized using UV lighting or warm water.
  • Frequent use reduces nail chipping and peeling.
  • Every file can be used on artificial and natural nail.
  • Included with each file is a black faux suede case for protection.

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Small Pointed, Medium Pointed, Medium Rounded, Large Professional Rounded


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